Brighten Up Your Morning with Breakfast Pastries at Hollin Hall Pastry Shop


Good Morning’ here at The Pastry Shop we are open at 7am to fulfil your coffee needs for the drive to work! Along with freshly baked morning pastries such as Croissants, Muffins, Danishes and Scones that will pair perfectly with our Lavazza Coffee! Our breakfast pastries are made over night to ensure their freshness each morning. If you have an event at work we can have a cake ready for you to pick up along with coffee and breakfast pastries!

We believe that good taste is the foundation of a baked item that will have you coming back to our shop again and again. That's why we take special care in baking all our cakes and pastries to make sure they have a signature taste, look and feel that our customers simply fall in love with. Whether you try our cakes, pastries, or desserts, we can assure you that you'd always come back for more.