Wow! This is different!

HHPS Social Logo.jpg

As you may have noticed our website looks a little different. Hopefully good different!

We want to create an online experience that is convenient and more useful for you, our wonderful patrons.

We will be moving things, adding things and overall making enhancements to our site that will hopefully translate into something wonderful. 

Like online ordering! How awesome would it be to order a cake from your couch and be able to pick it up just moments later? Heck! Maybe even your coffee!

We also hope to be able to bring you new and fresh content in our blog section. Recipes, latest happenings, and many more will all be found here. 

and feel free to comment below with your suggestions on what you think we should add!

thanks so much for your patience and we hope to see you in the shop soon!

The Pastry Shop